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Best health-care system…not (3)

If the health care “market” is a through-the-looking glass phenomenon, where supply drives demand, supply is going to tend to expand indefinitely unless some non-market force intervenes. Health-care spending is spiraling out of control, the biggest threat to long-term federal budget-balancing and to families’ financial health, too.

So it’s also worth remembering that one person’s “health care cost” is someone else’s “health care revenue.” That point comes through in Ezra Klein’s preview of remarks to the American Medical Student Association over the weekend.

Key point: “In the future, either doctors will make less money than they are expecting to…or there will be fewer of them than we project….”

Bill Sez: Isn’t it reasonable to move towards a health-care system that costs a lot less and works a lot better than the one we’ve got now?

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