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Best health-care system…not (6)

Here’s another element of U.S. health care spending that doesn’t get examined much: hospital executives’ pay.

According to this report in the NY Times, the CEO at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital took home more than $8 million in 2007 and 2008, while the CEO at New York-Presbyterian Hospital made more than $12 million in those two years. Here in Rochester, total compensation for the CEO of Strong and Highland Hospitals exceeded $1 million in 2009.

New York State is trying to rein in Medicaid spending to help deal with its budget crisis. But a proposal to hold down executive pay somehow got changed beyond recognition and torpedoed by state Health Department staff working on the Medicaid Task Force, the Times reveals.

How did that happen, you wonder? One task force official is a consultant to a NYC hospital that paid its CEO almost $3 million in 2008, while the task force co-chair made $2.4 million as CEO of North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System that year.

Bill Sez: Shared sacrifice, anyone? In the U.S. today, that seems to mean sacrifice for the poor and middle class, and a larger share for the rich. What a country!

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