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NPR, Guy Raz strike (out) again

Knight Science Journalism Tracker catches another softball interview by NPR’s Guy Raz. It turns out he’s just as credulous about scientific research as he is about disgraced former DC schools chief Michelle Rhee.

Last Saturday, Raz interviewed a Dutch researcher about the causes of ADHD and a possible new treatment option. He appeared to swallow the researcher’s claims that ADHD is usually caused by diet and that diet changes can usually cure it hook, line and sinker.

Nobody else was interviewed, and Raz made no effort to put the story in context–namely, to note that others are far more skeptical about the relationship between diet and ADHD. At the very least, NPR should have interviewed one or two others with different points of view.

Instead of being reeled in, Raz might have actually read the study; it says, “A strictly supervised restricted elimination diet is a valuable instrument to assess whether ADHD is induced by food.” In other words, a screening mechanism, not a cure.

Bill Sez: KSJ’s Paul Raeburn is on the mark: “NPR, you know better than this. Or you should. Was the science desk closed over the weekend? If so, you should have held this until Monday so the science folks could take a look.”

Not a reason to strip NPR of federal funds, but a reminder how sloppy their journalism can be sometimes.

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