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David Brooks is a con man (2)

As blogger Adam Serwer explains, “the concept of ‘seriousness’ in Washington punditry is closely tied to the sacrifices rich people expect everyone else to make on their behalf in order to rescue America not merely from fiscal ruin but from moral decline as well.” Wouldn’t you know, David Brooks weighs in with a column praising Ryan as “courageous,” “serious” and “gutsy.” (Would you expect anything less?)

Or as Kevin Drum puts it, the “serious” Ryan proposal is

dedicated almost entirely to slashing social spending in a country that’s already the stingiest spender in the developed world, while simultaneously cutting taxes on the rich in a country with the lowest tax rates in the developed world.

Better yet, the Ryan plan also raises taxes for everyone except the rich. What a country!

Update: also from Kevin Drum

I’m pretty sure that Ryan is going to loudly and relentlessly insist that his Medicare proposal isn’t a voucher plan. I’m not sure why, but I assume that “voucher” must have polled poorly …. But if it walks like voucher, talks like a voucher, and quacks like a voucher, then it’s a voucher.

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