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Smart guys agree: Brooks is a con man

The Republican budget plan fomented by Congr. Paul Ryan et al is being called the ‘blogger full employment act of 2011.’ And it pleases me no end to see smart people agreeing about the absolute hackyness of David Brooks’ fulsome praise for Ryan’s proposal.

Dean Baker weighed in quickly:

Representative Ryan has provided a valuable service to the country by tossing out a piece of warmed-over dreck that calls for a massive upward redistribution from the nation’s workers to the rich. ….[M]any pundits will applaud the plan as brave, innovative and creative. In making these pronouncements these pundits will immediately reveal themselves as worthless hacks who either lack the ability or desire to do their own thinking.

James Kwak also gagged at Brooks’s ‘moment of blather’:

The Ryan plan will affect health care consumption, because poor seniors won’t be able to afford the health care they get now. So it will reduce overall spending on health care — but exactly by depriving people of care they would have had under Medicare. I think that’s called “rationing.”

….Ryan decided to go after Medicare. And, according to David Brooks, “His proposal will set the standard of seriousness for anybody who wants to play in this discussion.” No. Seriousness means doing something about health care costs themselves — not transferring the fiscal problem to households.

Both Kwak and Baker point out that the real problem is health care costs, not Medicare or Medicaid. More on that soon.

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