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Billionaire-driven education “reform” fails again

It’s not surprising former media executive Cathie Black lasted only three months as NYC schools commissioner. The surprise is that NYC mayor Bloomberg and his cronies in the education “reform” crowd thought it was a good idea to appoint her in the first place.

How unqualified was Black? Dana Goldstein reports,

A publishing executive with no personal or professional experience with any public school system–let alone with the incredibly complex New York City public school system–Black sent her own two children to private boarding school in Connecticut, and had attended parochial schools herself. …[O]ne of Black’s first comments upon visiting New York City school buildings was that they seemed “clean.”

The “reforms” being pushed by Bloomberg, Gates, Broad et al focus on opening charter schools, closing neighborhood schools, and enforcing teacher “accountability” for students’ standardized test scores. But these ideas are not broadly accepted by actual public school parents, Goldstein notes.

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