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Canadian govt muzzles scientists, too

Borrowing a trick from the Bush 43 regime, the (Conservative) Canadian government leadership is refusing media access to scientists employed by the government, in the apparent belief that news it doesn’t like can be made to disappear if experts are not permitted to share their findings and interpretation with the public.

According to CBC News, the Canadian Science Writers Association sent an open letter to the government, saying

“We urge you to free the scientists to speak. Take off the muzzles and eliminate the script writers and allow scientists — they do have PhDs after all — to speak for themselves.”

In one instance, the govt denied access to an expert at the Dept of Fisheries and Oceans who had been lead author of an article about salmon mortality that was published in Science in January. Recently, Health Canada refused access to data from Canadian radiation monitors following the Japanese power plant failure.

Paul Raeburn at Knight Science Journalism Tracker comments: “Here’s a story American science writers might want to match. Then again–why worry? This could never happen in the U.S., right?

Oh, that’s right, it already did.

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