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No surprise…Simpson’s been clueless for a long time

Thanks to tireless Bob Somerby at The Daily Howler, we are reminded that ex-Sen. Alan Simpson has been parading his unfamiliarity with the facts about Social Security for a long time.

Somerby links to a Huffington Post item from June 2010 transcribing a back-and-forth between Simpson and pro-Social Security activist Alex Lawson.  Says Somerby,

[R]ead the transcript of Simpson’s interview with Lawson. If we take Simpson’s statements at face value, that interview showed that Simpson knows almost nothing about the Social Security system. But people! So what? Who cared?

Did anyone in the mainstream press corps react to Simpson’s gong-show last year? If they did, they did so quietly. Indeed, we’ve seen many liberals slam Simpson for this week’s ridiculous session with Grim. But we have seen no one recall last year’s disaster, an interview which was widely ignored by various mainstream elites.

The Lawson conversation featured Simpson making factually inaccurate statements about life expectancy and retirement age that he repeated in his recent interview with Ryan Grim (see previous post, “Simpson is a know-nothing blowhard.”)

Bill Sez: Take it away, Bob Somerby:

[T]here is no expectation of competence for our major elites. There is no sanction—none at all—for complete, astonishing ignorance. (Beyond that, there is no expectation of even modestly honest behavior.) Elites like Simpson are allowed to blunder ahead, even after they’ve made it clear that they (apparently) have no idea what they’re actually doing.

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