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Klein cashes in on education “reform”

With the possible exception of Michelle Rhee, no leader of the education “reform” claque says worse things about teachers than Joel Klein, the former NY City schools chancellor.

Klein is at it again in The Atlantic, with the modestly titled “Who Ruined Our Schools: An Insider Tells All.”  Any guesses who’s at fault? Here’s Valerie Strauss’s summary:

[A]dults in education (except for him and others who agree with him) only care about themselves and not about helping kids learn and … the lousy teaching corps and its unions are responsible for the sorry state of public education.

So who did Klein go to work for when he left the NYC schools? Renowned public-education advocate Rupert Murdoch, that’s who!

He now is executive vice president at … News Corp.; two weeks after his move was announced, the company said it was buying a technology company with big financial ties to the New York City school system.

Klein champions the Billionaire Boys Club agenda, especially the insistence on linking teacher evaluation to student scores on standardized tests. (Just because his claims about test-score improvement on his watch in NYC proved untrue, and just because research shows the linkage lacks validity and reliability, he doesn’t care. Like Bush 43, Klein apparently believes the same things on Wednesday as he did on Monday, no matter what happens on Tuesday.)

Bill Sez: I fully agree with Valerie Strauss –

Accusing several million teachers of being lazy and caring only for their pensions won’t improve public schools. Using questionable methods to evaluate teachers won’t either. And turning the public education system, a civic institution that is not a business and should not be run as one, into “a competitive marketplace,” as Klein suggests, will cause enormous damage that leaves far more kids behind than there are now.

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